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Training the Workforce for Renewable Energy

12/9/2008 // By NWF

It seems that every day, another college introduces solar panels to campus or finds new ways to conserve energy. As administrators turn away from each glistening new turbine, rubbing their palms in glee, the realization sinks in:  now what? “Some […] Read more >

If a Green Bus Drives but Nobody Rides, Is It Still Green?

12/9/2008 // By NWF

As the largest employer in Georgia’s DeKalb County, Emory University has a lot of weight on its shoulders. Carbon dioxide weight, that is. After all, metro Atlanta commuters – 84 percent of whom drive alone – spend more on gas […] Read more >

Real Food Challenge connects over 300 schools, engages students

11/25/2008 // By Xarissa Holdaway

“Uniting students for just and sustainable food” is the motto of the Real Food Challenge, a network of students and activists working to bring ethically-produced, environmentally-sustainable food to campuses. This fall, a national campaign engaged students at more than 300 […] Read more >

Green screen: Using less energy to power campus supercomputers Green screen: Using less energy to power campus supercomputers

11/25/2008 // By NWF

Choosing computers over paper may seem like a straightforward way to reduce environmental impact, but before you run off to recycle your files, save everything to a hard drive, and cancel your supply orders, you should remember that ever more […] Read more >

Open-Window Policy at Colorado College is a Breath of Fresh Air

11/14/2008 // By NWF

  At Colorado College, a private liberal arts institution in downtown Colorado Springs, academic study follows “the Block Plan.” Students pursue single subjects in full-time, three-week blocks, not multiple subjects in traditional 14-week semesters. The intensive scheduling promotes active student […] Read more >

Have food, will travel–but not far

11/13/2008 // By NWF

College and university dining halls have been looking at their menus to find ways to reduce their impacts on the environment. By providing more local foods, these schools are simultaneously working to reduce food miles, encourage sustainable agricultural practices and […] Read more >

Enthusiasm for Clean Energy Translates to Votes

11/13/2008 // By NWF

The final tally is in from the Tufts University Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), and the youth voter turnout was even higher than we originally posted in our blog:  It increased by 3.3 million […] Read more >

Recapping AASHE 2008: Sustainbility on Campus and Beyond

11/13/2008 // By NWF

We had a great time at this year’s AASHE conference, and hope you did as well. The general feeling was one of determination, as members of universities and colleges from all over North America shared ways to make the campus a better model for […] Read more >

Emissions-Free or Bust! (Or So Says UNH’s Bumper Sticker)

11/13/2008 // By NWF

  Sustainable transportation is a hot growth area across American campuses. Some schools have developed community bike programs; others coordinate rail and bus service for commuters. Many have added hybrid vehicles to their on-campus fleet of rental cars, or use […] Read more >

The Heat Movers

11/13/2008 // By NWF

This story is the second of a series that will explore various types of ground heat mining and their campus applications. Also see Universities Lead the Charge to Mine the Heat Beneath our Feet, and look forward to the final […] Read more >