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My Close Encounter With a Clouded Leopard

10/7/2010 // By Corey Shott

Recently I had an amazing opportunity through my graduate program to visit the Smithsonian’s Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) – formerly Conservation Research Center – located in Front Royal, VA.  As someone who has had an interest in wildlife conservation since …

The Snow Leopard: So Much More Than An Operating System

8/31/2009 // By Danielle Brigida

Apple’s newest system upgrade brings attention to one of the most majestic large cats out there, the snow leopard. It would be a shame to know more about Apple’s product than the Snow Leopard itself, so I wanted to share …

Bangladesh Leopard Discovery Renews Hopes for Species Survival

8/8/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

Bangladeshi conservationists reported on a rare leopard cub captured by villagers in the southeast of the country.  The say it renewed hopes for the survival of the critically endangered species. The Myanmar News reports: “Professor Anwarul Islam, chief executive of Wildlife Trust of …