The Snow Leopard: So Much More Than An Operating System

Apple’s newest system upgrade brings attention to one of the most majestic large cats out there, the snow leopard. It would be a shame to know more about Apple’s product than the Snow Leopard itself, so I wanted to share a few cool things about snow leopards that everyone who wants to can wow their friends with!

Snow Leopard Operating System

1. The estimated snow leopard population is between 3,500 and 7,000. Because of the shy nature of these animals, no one is entirely clear on how many there are. Apple is expected to sell over 100 times that many copies of their version.

2. Snow leopards live throughout the mountain ranges of central Asia.

Snow leopard range

3. Poaching, harming livestock and loss of habitat are the leading dangers to Snow Leopards. Luckily thanks to organizations like Snow Leopard Trust a lot of work is being done to compensate people who lose livestock because they are in a snow leopard’s range.

There is so much that we still don’t know about the snow leopard because of the lack of research that has been done. They are shy animals that live in treacherous areas and so researching them takes so much patience and funding.

There is great opportunity for Apple to make an incredible contribution for snow leopards if they so desire. If you’d like to suggest to them that they donate a portion to snow leopards, sign the action alert!

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