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Live Earth’s Love, The Climate Giveaway

9/15/2009 // By Danielle Brigida

Question: What would the climate have to say if it were happy and healthy and had a voice? What message would it send from its bright future? With the climate bill hitting the senate floor soon– many of us are …

10 Best Green Stories of 2007

12/28/2007 // By Josh Nelson

Grist has an excellent post called The Top Green Stories of 2007.  While they highlighted some of the biggest news, good and bad, I tried to focus on the most positive developments, some of which didn’t get the media attention …

Historic Times for the Conservation Movement

12/4/2007 // By Josh Nelson

The momentum right now in the conservation movement is really incredible.  Not only are we on the eve of mandating an increase in fuel efficiency to 35 MPG, but we are also just hours away from seeing the first comprehensive …

Did You Experience Live Earth?

7/10/2007 // By Larry Schweiger

Saturday was an incredible day in the fight to wake up the planet’s inhabitants to the urgency of global warming. In addition to the concert attendees at the multiple events, millions of people from around the world tuned in to …

Where Will You Be on 07-07-07?

7/6/2007 // By Larry Schweiger

Live Earth Every so often you find yourself not only witnessing, but in the middle of, a defining moment in history. Tomorrow I’m heading to Giants Stadium to attend the U.S. Live Earth concert. It’s one of several that will …