Live Earth’s Love, The Climate Giveaway

Love, The Climate Question: What would the climate have to say if it were happy
and healthy and had a voice? What message would it send from its bright

With the climate bill hitting the senate floor soon– many of us are working full force to encourage our representatives to take climate change seriously. But when I heard about this new campaign I immediately loved the positive concept.

Love, The Climate is a creative new campaign by Live Earth that asks you to think about a happier climate and express yourself.

How to participate in the Love, The Climate Giveaway

3 Ways To Enter

1) Call and leave a message thanking supporters of the climate bill.
Leave a Voicemail

2) Become a Fan on Facebook and post links, messages and photos on the campaign’s wall.

3) Submit a video that demonstrates how wonderful life will be once the environment is protected.
Submit a Video