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Canada Geese covered in oil struggle after the Michigan tar sands spill last year. Image from the Daily Green.

Tar Sands Energy Security a Mirage, NWF Tells House Panel

5/23/2011 // By Tony Iallonardo

Reuters said a heavily lopsided panel in favor of approving controversial tar sands pipeline told members it’s okay to skirt environment and safety reviews called for by conservationists.  Only NWF’s Jeremy Symons testimony offered some balance. WATCH OUR HEARING REMIX VIDEO. Questions remain […] Read more >

Stroller Brigade in Missoula, Montana. (Photo from http://missoulamom.com)

Parents “Push” for Clean Air in Stroller Brigades

5/13/2011 // By Jenny Kordick

  In honor of Mother’s Day, parents gathered around the country in stroller brigades, callling on their elected officials to protect the Clean Air Act for their children’s health and future. Parents pushed their children in strollers in Missoula, Montana from […] Read more >

Clean Air Act Event, Stark State College, Ohio

Video: Too much clean air?

3/25/2011 // By Danielle Korpalski

Why would Congress seek to weaken the Clean Air Act?  Do Members of Congress really believe we have too much clean air?  These were some of the questions asked by concerned citizens last night at the National Wildlife Federation’s Clean […] Read more >

Michigan Greenforce Initiative Summit a Success

2/18/2011 // By Juliana Goodlaw-Morris

Yesterday at Lansing Community College- West Campus, 90 participants from across the state of Michigan participated in the first Greenforce Initiative summit. With 15 community colleges represented, state agencies, non-profit organizations, foundations and small-to- large green businesses the excitement in the room […] Read more >

Enbridge starts to back pedal – As Michigan Oil Spill Clean-Up Costs Rise

2/1/2011 // By Beth Wallace

Enbridge continues to lose credibility after denying legal responsibility for the biggest Midwest oil pipeline disaster in history. Why are we not surprised? Six months after the Kalamazoo River oil spill, Enbridge is starting to deny legal liability for costs related to […] Read more >

Oiled muskrat in Michigan after oil spill

Michigan’s Toxic Dilemma

12/14/2010 // By Danielle Korpalski

I’m a Michigan native, and even I was shocked to read the news today that we have 11,000 contaminated toxic hotspots & little money to clean them up: Experts say the state is at a crossroads: It has more than 11,000 […] Read more >

Courtesy US Coast Guard

New Oil Spill in Michigan

10/6/2010 // By Miles Grant

In the wake of the massive oil spill in Michigan that impacted thousands of wildlife & threatened water supplies, authorities are now responding to a new spill. Read more >

Happening Now: NWF Testifies on Enbridge Oil Spill Impacts

9/15/2010 // By Jennifer Janssen

Watch now as Andy Buchsbaum and Beth Wallace from NWF’s Great Lakes Regional Center testify in front of the House Transportation and Intrastructure Committee in a hearing on the Enbridge oil spill. Watch the live webcast by clicking “Watch Now” […] Read more >

Video: Michigan’s Oil Disaster

8/12/2010 // By Miles Grant

The National Wildlife Federation has had not one but two teams responding to oil disasters — our Gulf Coast team dealing with the BP gusher, and our Michigan team assessing the impacts of the pipeline disaster along the Kalamazoo River. […] Read more >

Michigan Oil Spill Disaster: It’s the Smell that Hits You First

7/29/2010 // By NWF

As soon as I heard that over 800,000 gallons of crude oil had rushed from a broken pipeline into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan, only a few hours from NWF’s Great Lakes Regional Center, I grabbed a camera and headed […] Read more >