February, 2006

Resources for Greening Campus Buildings

Campus Ecology staff often receive questions from students and others about the best sources for green building supplies and architects. Through GreenBiz.com, campus leaders can order “Who’s Green,” a handy … Read more

Call Me A Cockeyed Optimist

For those of us working just blocks from the White House, it wasn’t exactly a surprise that the annual budget released by President Bush yesterday included Arctic drilling. Heck, for … Read more

Curing America’s Oil Addiction

During his State of the Union address, President George W. Bush admitted a major problem. “America is addicted to oil.” The catchy rhetoric is right on the money. Time for … Read more

Radio Broadcast: National Campus Energy Leader Speaks Out on Global Warming

Commentary on climate change by Walter Simpson, University of Buffalo (UB) Energy Officer and long-time national campus sustainability advocate, was aired this morning on WBFO. His commentary, noting the news … Read more

NCSE Climate Neutral Campus Session Generates National Recommendations

The half-day session on climate neutral campuses hosted by the National Council on Science and Environment (NCSE) at its 6th annual conference entitled, "Energy for a Sustainable and Secure Future" … Read more