April, 2006

Barring a Miracle, Extinctions are Forever

June 1963: A thirteen-year old boy stood stunned and disheartened on a Lake Erie beach. Once inviting beaches were blackened by slime and littered with decomposing fishes, broken bottles and … Read more

Why Can’t We All be More like Pennsylvania?

Last month, the EPA put out a list of the Top 10 College and University Green Power Partners. These are schools replacing significant portions of the electricity they use with … Read more

Kids and Wildlife – A Perfect Big Screen Combination

As a young boy, my two brothers and I spent much of our free time playing in a forested area called Fox Ridge twelve miles north of Pittsburgh. It was … Read more

Vending Misers Cut Carbon

Tufts University is one of several campuses and schools that use devices called “Vending Misers” to conserve energy associated with vending machines across campus. There are several manufacturers of the … Read more

What Do You See?

If you could look into a crystal ball and see the future of energy production in America, what do you think you would see? When you look five years…20 years…50 … Read more

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