Need an Alternative Transportation Option? How About Skateboarding!

J0424348 Skateboarding isn’t just for teenagers and college students anymore. More and more people are beginning to take up the sport – for fun, and to simply save money on gas. Skateboarding is an easy way to get around and it’s clean — no dirty emissions. And Comet Skateboards is taking skateboarding one step further to being environmentally friendly. Comet uses ecologically sustainable materials such as carbon fiber, water-based paints, and harvested bamboo to manufacture its products and some of its machinery is powered by solar energy. Comet is also in the process of building a sustainable skateboard park in Oakland, California.

College and university campuses also provide alternative transportation options for students, faculty, and staff from bicycle programs to campus shuttle buses. Ball State University in Indiana has a hybrid-electric bus that shuttles more than 19,000 students around campus, Eckerd College in Florida established a “Yellow Bikes” program, making bikes available to the campus community, and the State University of New York’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry built a solar-powered watercraft.

Published: October 19, 2006