Going Carbon Neutral–Publisher of Crichton’s State of Fear Has a Dramatic Change of Heart

NWF   |   May 12, 2007

Rupert Murdoch, a well-known conservative supporter of President George Bush, announced earlier this week that News Corporation is going carbon neutral by 2010.  Murdock is chairman and CEO of News Corporation, a media giant with several business units including Fox News Channel and HarperCollins-the publisher of Crichton’s notorious book presenting global warming as an environmental hoax.

Murdock revealed and detailed a corporate strategy to address energy use and impact on the climate and committed the News Corporation to become carbon neutral by 2010.

In a rather startling speech to employees Murdoch stated:

“If we are to connect with our audiences on this issue, we must first get our own house in order… We have just begun this effort, and we have a long way to go. Our global reach gives us an unprecedented opportunity to inspire action from all corners of the world…The climate problem will not be solved without mass participation by the general public everywhere.”

As announced on News Corporation Launches Global Energy Initiative, the News Corporation’s goals are to reduce its own carbon emissions significantly, offset the remainder, and engage its 47,000 employees and millions of readers and viewers around the world on this issue.   

While I might not agree with many of Fox News editorial positions, I welcome this announcement and encourage the audiences of News Corporation to hold them accountable to this commitment. 

Published: May 12, 2007