The Verdict Is In

NWF   |   May 8, 2007

So the verdict is in – if we start now, we can still stabilize greenhouse gas emissions and avoid catastrophic changes in our climate. So says the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in its latest report released last week looking at what we must do to avoid the worst effects of global warming. Go to National Wildlife Federation for more information.

It’s disconcerting to learn from several press reports that the Bush administration was pushing for last-minute changes to play down the report’s conclusion that quick, affordable action can limit the worst effects of global warming. Rather than embrace the report’s window of opportunity message, the Bush administration tried to shut the window and draw the shades. 

Global warming is happening now. Our dependency on fossil fuels like oil and coal is causing the problem, and people and wildlife are feeling the heat. We have a clear path to move forward with solutions that will curb rising global warming pollution, but only if we act with leadership and resolve.

Scientists are telling us that we must start reducing global warming pollution immediately to limit further warming. Only by acting now can we prevent catastrophic environmental and economic damage that our children will otherwise face.

America can do this if we set our mind to it.

There can be no question at this point about which pathway we take. To limit global warming, we must start now and put ourselves on track to reduce pollution by two percent each and every year, ultimately cutting pollution by 80 percent by mid-century. We can do that.

America must choose between a fundamentally different planet or a fundamentally different energy future that breaks our oil addiction and aggressively opens the path to clean, safe alternative and renewable sources of fuel. We all have a part to play in making it happen.

Published: May 8, 2007