June, 2007

Changing Climate on Capitol Hill

If you’ve watched C-SPAN at all recently, you’ve witnessed a monumental shift occurring on Capitol Hill. Or, you’ve fallen off your chair in disbelief. For the first time, both the … Read more

Today, the Eagle Soars

Today marks an important moment in our nation’s conservation history and it’s one that conservationists everywhere will look back on with pride – on June 28, 2007, we officially removed … Read more

What Would Ding Say?

In 1936, at the North American Wildlife Conference, legendary conservationist and political cartoonist "Ding" Darling addressed a group of conservationists to discuss how to best address the most pressing issues … Read more

Black v. White? Supreme Court on Endangered Species and Clean Water

When I went in search of a news article about Monday’s Supreme Court ruling on National Association of Home Builders v. Defenders of Wildlife, I was dismayed to find the … Read more

Senate Steers Energy Policy in New Direction

Last night after midnight, the U.S. Senate voted to improve fuel efficiency standards, a major step forward in the fight to solve global warming. The nation’s energy plan was long … Read more

Senate Energy Bill: Done

Yesterday afternoon the Senate voted to end debate on the energy bill, and then after a couple more hours of debate (huh?), but no important votes, the Senate passed the … Read more

Great American Backyard Campout This Saturday

Remember what it was like to go camping on a warm summer night? The fresh air, sitting around the campfire, making s’mores? Camping was one of my favorite parts of … Read more

Take Back America: Dem. Candidates Speak out on Global Warming

Several NWF staff attended the Take Back America Conference today.  Keynote speakers included Presidential candidates Bill Richardson, Barack Obama, John Edwards and Mike Gravel.  I took notes during the speeches … Read more

Senate Energy Bill: I want my MPG…

The Energy Bill will be wrapped up this week one way or another, as Majority Leader Harry Reid filed a motion for cloture yesterday, signaling debate and voting on the … Read more

Sportsmen Seeing Global Warming

I recently went to Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky to talk with the League of Kentucky Sportsmen about their conservation priorities. Like other sportsmen’s groups around the country that I’ve been talking … Read more

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