Sportsmen Seeing Global Warming

NWF   |   June 18, 2007

I recently went to Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky to talk with the League of Kentucky Sportsmen about their conservation priorities. Like other sportsmen’s groups around the country that I’ve been talking with, they have a strong conservation heritage that they want to pass on to future generations of hunters and anglers.

And they are starting to see and experience global warming in their own state. For example, Eastern Kentucky could see a loss of 90% of habitat for brook trout in headwater streams. And warmer fall and winter temperatures in northern regions in the U.S. will mean less waterfowl migrating south to the Mississippi and Ohio rivers in western Kentucky.

The sportsmen and women I met in Kentucky want to do something about the global warming they are seeing. And 85% of sportsmen surveyed by National Wildlife Federation in a recent poll believe we have a moral obligation to stop global warming to protect our children’s future.

Have you been seeing changes in your state? Do you want to know what role you can play? Go to to learn more about what others are doing and find out what you can do.

Published: June 18, 2007