August, 2007

Bloggers Unite for the Environment Oct. 15

“For just one day, we’d like to unite as many of the millions of bloggers around the world and speak about one issue – the environment,” said Collis Ta’eed a … Read more

Northwest Passage Nearly Open

Due to sufficient sea ice retreat this summer, the Northwest Passage is almost open. Read more here. Photo: Read more

Letter-to-the-Editor Campaign Delivers Strong Global Warming Message

Recently, NWF activists went the extra mile, writing letters to the editor of their local newspapers to help raise awareness about global warming and the need for action. So far … Read more

Bush Administration Ordered to Write Global Warming Reports

The Bush administration has been ordered by a federal judge to produce two scientific reports on global warming sought in a lawsuit filed by conservation organizations.  Read more here. Read more

NASA: Global Warming to Cause More Severe Tornadoes, Storms

Global warming will cause storms to increase in strength according to a new NASA study, though there will be fewer storms overall. The combination of drier conditions and higher rates … Read more

Greenhouse Gases Fueled 2006 U.S. Heat

NOAA climate scientists recently reported that greenhouse gas emissions — not El Nino or other natural phenomena — pushed U.S. temperatures for 2006 close to a record high. Read more … Read more

Say Goodbye to the Aldaba Snail

The first species extinction directly tied to global warming was reported as scientists declared the Aldaba banded snail extinct. The Aldaba snail dwelled on the Seychelles Islands in the Indian … Read more

The Origins of Crist's Climate Crusade

After only months is office, Florida’s Governor Crist has joined the front lines of those concerned with the potential impacts of global warming.  The Republican governor credits three people with … Read more

Resolved: Public Corporations Shall Take Us Seriously

Sister Patricia Daly, an Exxon Mobile shareholder, has been working to force Exxon to discuss global warming and its role in solving the problem.  Read more here. Read more

First Short-Term Global Warming Forecast: Record Heat

In the world’s first near-term global warming forecast, climate scientists say the planet’s temperature will plateau for two years and then rise sharply through 2014 with many years exceeding temperatures … Read more

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