Letter-to-the-Editor Campaign Delivers Strong Global Warming Message

Recently, NWF activists went the extra mile, writing letters to the editor of their local newspapers to help raise awareness about global warming and the need for action. So far we’ve had report of 31 published letters in papers across the country. The letters hit newsstands right in the middle of Congress’ August recess–perfect timing with many Members in their home districts. Here are quotes from just a few:

“The loss of biodiversity on this beautiful planet could potentially negatively impact all of us. I am particularly concerned for the quality of life we are leaving to our children.” — Larry H.

“I am asking Congress to show leadership and tackle the global-warming issue head on. Congress needs to pass the two bills that will make a difference: the Safe Climate Act and the Climate Stewardship Act.” — Teresa F.

“Many states now offer options for homeowners to buy electricity from clean, renewable sources such as wind, solar and biomass that produce little or no global warming pollution. Green energy can also be purchased through the National Wildlife Federation by visiting www.nwf.org/energy.” — Christina A.

Visit www.nwf.org/action for tips to help you write your own letter to the editor.