One More Day – New Hampshire Primaries

The candidates have one more day to win over New Hampshire voters, and they are surely giving it all they’ve got!

I just left a crowded Hillary rally in Dover, where about 500 people filled a community center (apparently over a hundred people were shut out, as is happening at both Clinton and Obama events across the state). Boy did Hillary come out swinging! She clearly understands that Obama is gaining momentum here, having already bypassed her in local polls by a sizable margin. She railed against his record on change, talked about the importance of experience in this unstable world, and again used the term “false hope” to undermine his message. This drew lots of cheers from the older voters in the audience, but clearly turned off the youth who were already thin in numbers to begin with. This was a stark contrast to the Obama events I have attended, and more and more it appears that the younger vote is going to make a significant difference in this election. If they actually show up to vote tomorrow, that is. It is supposed to be 50 degrees, though, so all voters are going to have to wade through what is sure to be a deluge of melting snow!!

The Republicans are also doing their part to persuade undecided voters. Eric Orff (pictured here!) attended a lunch in Concord with Huckabee and Chuck Norris – or “Chuckabee” as the NHites are fondly calling the pair – where they were providing free “Huckaburgers” to attendees (hmmm – Chuckaburgers?!). According to a very colorful cell message report, when Eric told the Governor that he was an Independent, undecided voter, Huckabee practically “sat on his lap and served him a burger personally!!”

The candidates on both sides are clearly using every trick in the book – from free food to all out attacks on their opponents – to win over NH voters. With just one day to go, who knows what they’ll pull out of their hats!

On to events for Romney, McCain, and Edwards – at least – this afternoon…