Largest Teach-in on Climate and Global Warming in U.S. History

NWF   |   February 1, 2008

Yesterday was the largest national teach-in on climate and global warming in U.S. history.  The Focus the Nation Team estimates that 3 million people participated at some 1,800 institutions across America.

This response would have seemed beyond possibility even two years ago. But is happened! — There were seminars — editorial visits — classes — labs — letter campaigns — email blitzes — films — rallies — art shows — concerts — tabling events — poster sessions — petitions and more. The reports will be coming in for weeks.

A bipartisan group of nearly one third of U.S. Governors — 20% of U.S. Senators — 10% of the House membership — participated directly as speakers along with many state and local officials.

And there are many more people — future leaders — better informed on global warming and what needs to be done today than there were yesterday morning at this time.

Published: February 1, 2008