Recyclemania 2008 Results Announced

NWF   |   April 21, 2008

Recyclemania, a light-hearted, friendly competition between campuses, aims to reduce waste and raise awareness. Over a 10-week period, colleges and universities compete in different contests to see which institution can collect the highest amount of recyclables per capita, the largest total amount of recyclables, the smallest amount of trash, and/or earn the highest recycling rate. There are also categories for individual waste products, such as paper, food products and cans. Four hundred schools participated this year across sixteen divisions, and results have just been announced.

Kalamazoo College of Michigan took first-place honors in both the Grand Champion (highest recycling rate) and Per-Capita categories, with a cumulative recycling rate of 58.93% and 75.22 lbs recycled per person over the length of the challenge. The Gorilla Prize, which awards the highest number of pounds, went to Stanford for recycling 1,231,012 lbs of waste in ten weeks. North Lake College of Irving, Texas, won the Waste Minimization prize for producing a scant 12.53 pounds of unrecycled waste per capita.

To see the rest of the awards, check Recyclemania’s site here.  In total, these schools recycled 58.6 million pounds, which not only lessens the load on landfills, but also helps to minimize the impact that industry has on the environment. Many of these products, such as paper and cardboard, which would emit methane if left to degrade in a landfill, also lower carbon emissions when recycled. Congratulations to the schools involved! If you didn’t participate this year, click around for ideas and consider competing next year.

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Published: April 21, 2008