Climate Change Rally in Philadelphia

NWF   |   May 30, 2008


Yesterday, NWF helped organize a major climate change rally in Philadelphia. It was a bit of a circus, with the famous Love Park fountain dyed green, a class of kindergartners, and a diverse mix of speakers calling on Senator Specter to vote for the Climate Security Act. At the podium were a representative from the renewable energy industry and the Republicans for Environmental Protection, as well as a jewish rabbi, a catholic nun, a former public health commissioner, and a sportsman!

Philly_photos_52908_john_n_group Philly_photos_52908_puppet_n_kids

All voiced powerful messages to Senator Specter about why addressing climate change is not only good for business in PA, but esential to for future generations of people and wildlife in the Keystone state. Throughout the event, passersby were drawn to the fountain and the speakers, and it provided a great opportunity to educate Specter’s constituents about the critical upcoming vote. Here’s hoping he listens to this strong call to action!!


Please call your senators and urge them to support the Climate Security Act!

Catherine Bowes
Global Warming Program Manager
National Wildlife Federation

Published: May 30, 2008