California’s Comprehensive Climate Action Recognizes Green Tech As A Bright Spot

California has adopted the country’s first comprehensive
global warming blueprint, calling for a return to 1990 emissions levels by
2020—equaling a 15 percent reduction of current emissions—and for one-third of
electricity generation to come from renewables.


“When you look at today's depressed economy, green tech is
one of the few bright spots out there,” said
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
, who added that the plan will “unleash the
full force of California's
innovation and technology for a healthier planet.”  


The California Air Resources Board’s new plan combines a cap-and-trade
system with new efficiency regulations, and targets were established for nearly
all sectors of the economy-including transportation, buildings, and refineries. California regulators say the climate action plan could serve as a model for national
legislation under President-elect Barack Obama.


Published: December 16, 2008