December, 2008

Time For A Winter Adventure

When making snow angels isn’t enough enticement to get the kids outside in the cold, NWF’s Liz Soper cooks up a winter adventure. Read more

Wildlife Watch for Bald Eagles this Winter

Winter can seem like a difficult time to watch for wildlife. Trees have dropped their leaves, a good number of birds have migrated south and many mammals have gone into … Read more

Meet Green New Year’s Resolutions With These Sites

I know some of you out there have not only made New Year’s resolutions, but have even drawn up action plans to carry them out. The rest of us might … Read more

Where We Went in 2008, and What 2009 May Bring

{Julian's rundown of the best and worst of 2008 was so good we had to repost it here. Add your own nominations in the comments section below.} Campus Highlights and … Read more

Repower America with Green Education, Green Jobs, Green Schools

National Wildlife Federation has joined environmental and conservation organizations in recommending a green stimulus proposal that would repower America. The proposal would jumpstart our economy by creating as many as … Read more

New Jersey Releases Implementation Strategies For Climate Action Plan

New Jersey has released a draft recommendation report to deal with global warming. The report provides scientific analyses about major sources of greenhouse gas emissions and outlines actions that are … Read more

Group Uses Polar Worms To Track Climate Change

A group of researchers affiliated with Colorado State University (CSU) is hunting for worms in Antarctica to help track our planet’s changing climate. A research team of seven students led … Read more

Climate Change May Increase Human Health Problems

Global warming could lead to a rise in human health problems due to exposure to harmful air pollutants, according to researchers in a study published in the journal Environmental Health … Read more

The Best and Worst in 2008: Campus Highlights and Lessons for the New Year

With presidents leading the way, campuses shifting to solar energy, record level participation in national education campaigns and students turning out en masse to vote, 2008 was a banner year … Read more

Under Pressure: Holiday Breaks Prove a Good Time to Check Tires

Without realizing it, most students are arriving to school with less than the recommended amount of pressure — tire pressure, that is. According to a 2007 survey by the Rubber … Read more