January, 2009

Groups File Suit To Save Communities And Water From Oil Shale Proposals

A consortium of groups joined forces to put the brakes on Bush-era regulations and land management plans to fast-track development of oil shale, a dirty fossil fuel that threatens water … Read more

NWF Backs Rep. Waxman's Push For Quick Climate Action

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, declared his intention to pass a climate change bill out of committee before Memorial Day as he opened the … Read more

Green Inaugural Ball: ‘Yes We Can’ Be the New Green Economy

Almost 2,000 guests filled the Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture to celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama and Joseph Biden and America's green economy at the … Read more

President Obama, Congress Help Move America Toward Comprehensive Climate Action

In his January 20 inaugural speech, President Obama outlined the need to “roll back the specter of a warming planet” and he plans to work with Congress to pass comprehensive … Read more

“Roll back the specter of a warming planet”

In his inaugural speech, Barack Obama made no less than three separate mentions of the climate crisis, noting that as president he will lead the nation to "roll back the … Read more

A Little Night Magic

Children’s author Mary Quattlebaum shares one of her favorite books, “Owl Moon.” Read more

Students’ time in the sun?

An interesting discussion is taking place over at DotEarth, one of our favorite blogs. The post, which discusses students taking their places in the worlds of innovation and activism, mentions … Read more

Bush Moves To Increase U.S. Influence In Arctic

The outgoing Bush Administration is preparing a directive to federal agencies that would lay the groundwork for allowing the United States to assert greater control over the Arctic region, the … Read more

Blood Tests Prove Arctic Polar Bears Going Hungry

Western Arctic polar bears are finding it increasingly challenging to find food during the critical spring period, a recently completed study suggests. The study was done by University of Alberta … Read more

Canada’s Forests Now Give Off More CO2 Than They Suck Up

In a recent series of studies, scientists determined that Canada’s vast forests are so stressed from damage caused by global warming, insect infestations and persistent fires that they now pump … Read more