January, 2009

Transition Team Begins Work On Recovery Plan; Education Key Area For Investment

This week, president-elect Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats begin work on a two-year economic recovery package. The president-elect has pledged to create three million jobs over the next two years. … Read more

Hunters, Anglers More Likely To Buy from Companies That Support Conservation

A majority of hunters and anglers say they are more likely to buy products from companies if they support conservation efforts, according to a recent survey. In November 2008, Southwick … Read more

Reinsurance Company Links Global Warming To Billions In Natural Disaster Losses

Munich Re Group, the world’s largest reinsurer, released figures for 2008 and identified global warming as the principal factor behind $200 billion in losses last year. Throughout the world, more … Read more

Northeastern States Hold Second Carbon Auction

Ten northeastern and mid-atlantic states recently held the second U.S. greenhouse gas emissions auction, a project of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). RGGI is the first mandatory, market-based CO2 emissions … Read more

Warming World Threatens Penguins, Too

Remember March of the Penguins? It was truly impressive to me to watch the incredible strength and patience these birds have to make that long, hard journey through the Antarctic … Read more