Rails and Trails for Wildlife

Let’s face it – our cars threaten wildlife in more ways than one. Road development threatens habitats, to the point where wildlife corridors are needed for animals to migrate. Not only that, but auto emissions are one of the biggest contributors to global warming. Driving a hybrid is a great start – but it just won’t be enough.

Though his statement on Wednesday was short,  Transportation Secretary nominee Rep. Ray LaHood had a lot to say on the big picture of the way we move, declaring that transportation development “must be sustainable” and that we must invest in railroads and mass transit if we want to confront climate change.

With the urgent need to reverse global warming, it’s high time we have infrastructure that works for us and for wildlife. If you haven’t done so, please urge new leaders in Congress to  make rails and trails investments, which both stimulate our economy and conserve natural resources.

And how about taking it one step further? Let’s not forget about walking and biking – the best way to reduce our carbon footprint and experience nature at the same time!

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Published: January 23, 2009