Clean Cars for California = A Cleaner Future for All

It’s hard to make that trip to the gas station nowadays. Not only do we all need to pinch a few pennies in these tough economic times, but there’s the “carbon guilt” too.

To reduce cars’ effects on rising levels of global warming pollution (not to mention our wallets), California legislators have been working to improve life on the road through state legislation.

If implemented, this legislation would require automakers to reduce the emissions their vehicles produce, encouraging more fuel-efficient vehicles on America’s roads.

Unfortunately, the EPA under the previous administration overruled the state’s decision to enact higher emissions standards than the federal government’s, preventing California — and 13 other states — from working to get cleaner cars and trucks on our roads..

But the story’s not over yet . President Obama recently issued an order demanding the EPA reconsider this decision.

So please take a moment today to urge the EPA to reverse their decision and grant states the rights to implement stronger vehicle emissions standards.

Granting California the right to set stronger auto emissions standards is a critical step to reduce global warming. With 13 other states following California’s lead, this is a great opportunity to get Americans driving cleaner cars, spending less money on gas, and to safeguard the future of our natural world!