NWF President: “We’re All in This Struggle Together”

There’s a new post on the General Motors blog from a surprising guest blogger — National Wildlife Federation President & CEO Larry Schweiger. So why why is the head of a wildlife group posting on an automotive blog?

[B]oth the auto industry and our environment face unprecedented and interconnected challenges. We’re asking companies like General Motors to make transformational changes to their vehicles so that we can break our dependence on dirty fossil fuels and protect our planet’s climate for our children’s future. While the crises that face America – economic, energy and climate – are interconnected, so are the bold, innovative steps that can help solve them.

That’s why I joined GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner at a meeting with journalists in Washington, DC today to show the National Wildlife Federation’s support for the auto industry’s ongoing effort to repower itself. If we’re going to fix our America’s problems, we can’t define ourselves only by industry or interest – we’re all in this struggle together.

Our top priority must be a cap on carbon pollution to give both the auto industry and consumers a clear signal that America’s move to clean energy is coming and will be permanent.

You can read Larry’s full post here.

To learn more about GM’s commitment to the environment, visit their corporate responsibility page or the U.S. Climate Action Partnership.

Published: March 18, 2009