Young People Speak up for Wildlife and a Clean Energy Future

It’s estimated that over 13,000 young people are in Washington today for Power Shift 2009, and despite the snowstorm, thousands are on the Hill today, lobbying for strong climate legislation.  It’s expected to be the largest citizen lobby for the environment in history, and possibly the largest citizen lobby ever.

Everyone is very high energy as we get ready to meet with our representatives, and ask them to commit to a clean energy future.

At the Power Shift ’09 conference this weekend, NWF’s Campus Ecology program met with students from Washington State to Palm Beach, Florida. Some students were already working to reduce their school’s carbon footprint, while others were just getting started. Campus Ecology exists to provide students with resources and technical support to help them succeed.


Tamara Johnson talks with students about Campus Ecology

It’s clear that climate legislation won’t happen without a concerted group of people demand action from every region of the country. Today, Congress is going to see that 13,000 students, already working to effect change at their colleges and universities, are committed to capping global warming pollution in 2009.

Want to join them?  Send a message to Congress today, asking for climate legislation that caps global warming pollution and invests in our natural world.