April, 2009

Insomniac Bears

Last week I met a wildlife biologist from New Hampshire. Each year he sees animals that can’t adapt to the rising temperatures– grizzly bears that won’t hibernate and snowshoe hares … Read more

NRDC Digs Into Newt’s Cement Story

When I live-blogged Newt Gingrich’s testimony before the House Energy & Commerce Commmittee last week, I left out a yarn Newt spun about a cement factory. The story was allegedly … Read more

Shadowy Group Launches Attack on Clean Energy

As the National Wildlife Federation predicted last month, big polluters and their allies have launched a major blitz against clean energy & climate legislation. And now CQ reports the latest … Read more

‘Trayless’ Trend Continues

This may only happen once, but we've scooped the New York Times. Today's article on trayless dining at universities is good, but nothing earth-shattering if you read ours (Students Have … Read more

New Office at Interior Department Will Engage and Employ Youth

Yesterday, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar formally announced the creation of an Office of Youth within the Interior Department to create and manage programs that are intended to get … Read more

National Wildlife Federation’s Twestoration

Come join me and many other like-minded conservationists in Pittsburgh on Saturday May 2. As part of National Wildlife Federation’s Annual meeting, we’ll be heading outside to restore wildlife habitat … Read more

Turn Up the Heat on Congress to Keep It Cool for Wildlife

Today, 17 United States Congressional Representatives are in a unique position to help keep it cool for our wildlife’s future. If your representative is a member of the U.S. House … Read more

Campuses Try Not to Waste the Waste

Imagine a future university dining hall that looks like a fancy brewery, adorned with large silver vats glistening behind thick glass windows, and every so often one can pick up … Read more

Riding the Rails to Carbon Neutrality

Light rail on campus promises many advantages: quicker and cheaper transportation for students and staff; enhanced opportunities for evening and weekend classes; and increased access to employment and community social … Read more

The Carbon-Paper Link: How Simple Choices Reduce Emissions

Gone are the days of pressing words through powdery sheets of black and red carbon paper. Yet the association of carbon to paper has perhaps never been more intimate than … Read more

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