emperor penguinOkay, okay, you and I both know that penguins don’t drive. But they stand to benefit just as much from hybrids and electric cars as we do.

Recently, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that seven species of penguins–nearly half of known penguin species–have now been added to the list of species threatened or endangered by global warming.

As our penguin friends are already realizing, the longer we wait to confront global warming, the more costly it will be.

Over the past month, thousands of NWF’s wildlife advocates have sent messages to the Environmental Protection Agency, asking them to grant the clean car waiver.

If the EPA decides to grant the clean car waiver, it will help states to reduce the vehicle emissions that contribute to global warming.

We have to act now to safeguard the wildlife in our communities and across the world. From penguins in Antarctica to the pika in Colorado, global warming is the biggest threat facing our wildlife and wild places today.

Please let the EPA know you support the clean car waiver, which will empower states to take immediate action to reduce carbon pollution from cars and trucks.

Sending in your message during the EPA’s comment period on the clean car waiver will help ensure the agency hears that America’s wildlife advocates know how important this decision is for the future of our natural world.

NOTE: The EPA’s deadline for comments is this Monday, April 6, so please make sure you, your friends and family get your messages in today!