Five Facts to Know about the Oil Industry’s Campaign Against a Clean Energy Recovery

It is time to repower America with a new energy plan for
our economy, our security and our environment. President Obama has asked
Congress to deliver comprehensive energy legislation that invests in renewable
energy sources, energy efficiency, creates millions of new clean energy jobs
and holds energy companies accountable to reduce the carbon pollution.

Big oil companies are fighting back with an advertising campaign to stall
progress and keep America’s
energy policy unchanged. There are five things you should know about the
campaign. To view the full new fact sheet, click here.

(1) The Scare Campaign Is Bankrolled by Oil Companies;

(2) Our Dependency on Fossil Fuels Is Draining America’s Economy;

(3) Clean Energy Creates Jobs;

(4) Clean Energy Delivers Better Energy Choices; and America

(5) Investing in a Clean Energy Future Is the Affordable Path for

Contact: Joe Mendelson,, or (202) 797-6898.

Published: April 1, 2009