New Poll: Voters Cheer Obama’s Fuel Efficiency Push

Now that we’re through President Obama’s first 100 days, which of his policy decisions has proven to be the most popular with voters? A new Marist poll has the answer:

During his first 100 days in office, President Obama has taken on many hot button issues. Did voters agree with his actions? More than three-quarters — 76% — say the president hit the mark in ordering the Environmental Protection Agency to institute higher fuel efficiency standards including six in ten Republicans.

Back in January, National Wildlife Federation President & CEO Larry Schweiger joined President Barack Obama at the White House as he directed the EPA to grant state waiver requests to strengthen tailpipe emissions standards. The requests from California and thirteen other states as well as the District of Columbia had been turned away by the Bush administration. President Obama also instructed his administration to develop new fuel-efficiency guidelines for the auto industry covering 2011 model-year cars.

“Today’s decision provides the kind of sound direction the auto industry needs to once again lead and build the kind of cars not only America needs, but the world needs,” Larry said at the time. “Our energy policies will no longer be based on denial and delay but instead on sound science that tells us we don’t have to choose among efficient vehicles, jobs and a healthy environment.”

Let’s hope Congress hears this message from voters as it considers comprehensive clean energy & climate legislation in 2009!

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Published: April 28, 2009