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NWF   |   June 12, 2009

Sorry we've been a little quiet lately. To ease you back, here's a piece done by one of our members at the Chronicle of Higher Education about using the university's progress towards sustainability as a teaching tool:

"The mission of colleges and universities is to prepare students for the
world they’re entering, and to do so, they need to offer students more
practical experience. But students interested in sustainability are
often limited to joining a recycling club or making posters about the
merits of biking. Good efforts, to be sure, but the challenges of
sustainability span the gamut. Students interested in environmental
law, green building, water conservation, xeriscaping, habitat
protection, fair trade, education, sustainable agriculture, urban
planning, business, and a host of others could all find ways to be
involved in the process of making a college sustainable."

Published: June 12, 2009