Our Chance For Change

This is our chance for change. This week, Congress will vote on a piece of truly historic legislation.  The American Clean Energy and Security Act is our first real chance to cap the pollution that's causing global warming – the single largest threat to our precious wildlife and wild places. 

In addition to capping these pollutants, this important bill – often called ACES – is the largest natural resources funding bill in years, and creates a new clean energy economy that will create new jobs all over the United States.

We need your help.  Your member of Congress needs to hear from you.  They need to hear that you want change, that you support legislation that caps global warming pollution and safeguards wildlife.  They need to hear that you support the American Clean Energy and Security act … and they need to hear it today.  You can make a huge difference for wildlife, and for generations of  Americans to come. This is the time to get involved. Email or call your representative today.

Published: June 23, 2009