Interior Secetary: Kids Spending Just Four Minutes A Day Playing Outdoors

Can you imagine a world where people no longer care about wildlife or nature? Many of us may feel there is already too little concern for nature but that could get worse as American childhood continues to migrate indoors. Secretary Ken Salazar recently spoke on this critical concern.

The Omaha World Herald reports:

“Children in America spend an average of four minutes a day in the great outdoors, compared with six hours in front of their computers, televisions and other electronic gadgets.U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said that needs to change. Salazar stopped briefly in Omaha Monday as part of a swing through the Midwest. He spoke for about 30 minutes at the National Park Service’s regional office, where more than 125 employees of the U.S. Department of Interior gathered to listen to their new chief.

He told the gathered employees in Omaha that one of his top priorities will be to get more of the nation’s young people “connected with America’s landscape.”  See full article.