November, 2009

Generation E Report: Students Striving For A Clean Energy Future

National Wildlife Federation released its new report, Generation E: Students Leading for a Sustainable, Clean Energy Future, today.     The report highlights 165 campus examples in 45 states, covering … Read more

Former Virginia Sen. John Warner Honored For Conservation Leadership

The National Wildlife Federation has honored former Sen. John Warner of Virginia with the National Conservation Achievement Award for his extraordinary environmental leadership in the political and nonprofit sectors, naming him "Conservationist … Read more

Report: Greenland Ice Loss Hastens Sea Rise

A new study shows that ice loss in Greenland is speeding up global sea level rise, a phenomenon that weather conditions have masked in recent years.   The report finds that Greenland's … Read more

Two New Threats to Polar Bears & How You Can Help

We’re learning some alarming new data about just how fast polar bear habitat is melting away in the Arctic Circle. Read more

Unfinished Business

Here is my posting on National Journal’s blog in response to Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid’s announcement Tuesday that Democrats will wait until to spring to debate climate legislation on … Read more

The Road to Copenhagen: Transforming the World’s Energy Economy With 21st Century Solutions

The piece below is my latest editorial from National Wildlife magazine Carbon dioxide pollution knows no political boundaries. Decarbonizing every economy around the world must be our common goal. In … Read more

Our Chance to Shut the Door on Aquatic Invasive Species

Ocean freighters that discharge ballast water from ports around the globe into the Great Lakes have infected America’s freshwater seas with a plague of foreign species. Invasive species introduced into … Read more

Into the Gap: Can Round-the-World Trips Justify Their Emissions Cost?

NWF November 18, 2009 “In my senior year of high school, I was basically planning to go to college and just keep taking classes in the things I’d done well … Read more

Learning from the Ancients: Passive Solar Design

NWF November 18, 2009 Passive solar design techniques have been employed by humans for centuries, going back as far as first century Greeks who designed entire south-facing communities to give … Read more

“The Eyes of the World are on the U.S.”

The eyes of the world are on the United States, which has the greatest capacity to lead the green economy renaissance that will lower pollution levels and safeguard our children’s future. Copenhagen remains a critical moment to engage all nations in a more ambitious global effort that keeps pace with the latest climate science. Read more