Our Chance to Shut the Door on Aquatic Invasive Species

Ocean freighters that discharge ballast water from ports around the globe into the Great Lakes have infected America’s freshwater seas with a plague of foreign species. Invasive species introduced into the Great Lakes have spread across the country and made it as far as California.

ZebraMussels_250x167 The invaders — such as zebra mussels, quagga mussels and round gobies — have disrupted fisheries, killed thousands of water birds and triggered toxic algae blooms that threaten public health and wildlife.

Now we have a chance to end the practice of ocean freighters using the Great Lakes as a dumping ground for filthy ballast water from around the world. The Coast Guard is taking comments on a proposed rule that would make ships sterilize their ballast water – but not quickly enough to shut the door on new invasive species.

The Coast Guard needs to hear from you. Take action to keep invasive species out of America's waters.