Murkowski’s Dirty Air Attack Faces Withering Criticism

Sen. Lisa Murkowski has faced a wave of negative publicity in the last week over her planned assault on Environmental Protection Agency of global warming pollution under the Clean Air Act. Scrutiny has especially focused on her contributions from electric utilities and Big Oil — Sen. Murkowski is among Congress’ biggest recipients of polluter cash.

But as soon as today, she may move forward with her attempt to gut the Clean Air Act anyway — and it’s not too late to ask your Senators to say no.

Today, a coalition of groups in Alaska are planning a news conference to unveil a new television ad asking Murkowski to put Alaska first. The groups include the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund, the Alaska Public Interest Research Group, and Republicans for Environmental Protection. Here’s the ad:


“Given the threats Alaska faces due to global warming, it’s mystifying that Sen. Murkowski would be fighting to open a new carbon pollution loophole in the Clean Air Act while working closely with lobbyists from outside Alaska,” said Sue Brown, executive director of the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund.

Friends of the Earth Action is also airing radio ads targeting Sen. Murkwoski, accusing her of being “more interested in working for Washington lobbyists and special interest than she is in protecting Alaskans’ way of life.” Meanwhile, Clean Energy Works has launched to bring the attacks — and the polluters behind them — to light.

The New York Times called on Sen. Murkowski yesterday to drop her planned “mischief”:

Senator Lisa Murkowski’s home state of Alaska is ever so slowly melting away, courtesy of a warming planet. Yet few elected officials seem more determined than she to throw sand in the Obama administration’s efforts to do something about climate change.

And today, the Washington Post is asking Sen. Murkowski to back off:

Instead of accepting [EPA regulation] as a prod toward useful action, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) apparently wants to disarm the administration.

Despite all this, Sen. Murkowski’s spokesman continues to dismiss conservationists as a “special interest” and says the assault on the Clean Air Act will go on as planned. Please contact your Senators right now and ask them to help stop this polluter-backed attack on America’s citizens, wildlife and natural resources.

<pPhoto via Flickr’s YoungAlaskans