Education and Training Leaders To Senate: Pass Clean Energy Bill Now

Education and training leaders from across the nation are encouraging their Senators to pass comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation that will put a cap on global warming pollution and fund education and training for all sectors of the emerging clean energy economy. One-page advertisements by NWF's sister organization the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund ran in Roll Call and Politico last week calling for investment in comprehensive education and training for the clean energy economy.

The coalition supporting this effort includes the National Wildlife Federation, the Blue Green Alliance, and the Campaign for Environmental Literacy. Comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation will transition our nation to clean energy, and has the potential to revitalize our flagging economy, end our dependence on foreign oil, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"Now is the time to pass climate legislation that invests in new clean energy technology and solutions," said Kevin Coyle, Vice President for Education and Training at National Wildlife Federation. "At the same time we must invest in our nation's education and training infrastructure – at every level – to ensure Americans are prepared for the new jobs that will be created by the climate bill."

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Published: March 12, 2010