NWF Refutes BP, Finds Oil Far Below Gulf’s Surface

The National Wildlife Federation is making a habit out of refuting BP’s bogus claims about the BP oil spill. Last week, we proved BP wrong on how much oil is soaking Louisiana’s marshes.

Now, in the face of a wave of scientific proof, BP executives have repeatedly claimed they’ve found “no evidence” of massive, subsurface oil plumes in the Gulf of Mexico.

The National Wildlife Federation’s Coastal Louisiana office teamed up with Dr. Kevin Boswell from Louisiana State University’s Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences last week. They went out on the surface of the BP oil spill — then put a remote operated vehicle (ROV) underneath the slick’s surface.

They had some trouble keeping the camera lens clean — the oil on the surface was so thick, it coated the lens every time Dr. Boswell put the ROV in the water. But eventually the ROV was able to get a clean view. Our crew not only found oil under the surface, they found it down to a depth of 200 feet:

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