NEW VIDEO: A-list Celebs Are One for the Gulf Coast

As a part of our many efforts to protect wildlife and restore habitat impacted by the BP oil spill, the National Wildlife Federation has joined with Women of the Storm to help raise public awareness and support for the critical funding and policy response needed to restore the Gulf Coast.

This week, Women of the Storm released a new celebrity-packed video that features A-list stars like Sandra Bullock, Lenny Kravitz, John Goodman, Dave Matthews, James Carville, and Peyton and Eli Manning, asking viewers to join them in signing a petition that will help demonstrate to national leaders, the strong and deep support across America for funding to restore the Gulf Coast.

Please check out the video below, sign the petition and help us spread the word about this important issue by sharing the video with your friends and family too!


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Published: July 21, 2010