July, 2010

Michigan Oil Spill Disaster: It’s the Smell that Hits You First

As soon as I heard that over 800,000 gallons of crude oil had rushed from a broken pipeline into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan, only a few hours from NWF’s … Read more

EPA Stands by Climate Action in Face of Polluter Pushback

The Environmental Protection Agency reaffirmed its commitment to climate action today, denying 10 petitions attacking climate science. The challenges sought to reverse the EPA’s 2009 determination that global warming is … Read more

Animal House (& Senate): Watch NWF’s Climate Capsule

What can spider monkeys, peacocks, ostriches & sheep tell us about global warming & the climate debate on Capitol Hill? Watch the National Wildlife Federation’s Climate Capsule!
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[Video] Oil and Gas Accidents Rampant in Last Decade

A new report issued today by NWF catalogs a litany of thousands of serious oil spills, fires, leaks and loss of life over the last decade. The magnitude of disasters … Read more

Gulf Oyster Workers “Facing Tremendous Amount of Uncertainty” (Video)

Dr. Doug Inkley, senior scientist with the National Wildlife Federation, just returned from another trip to the Gulf Coast. As NWF has been reporting, the BP oil disaster is hurting … Read more

Calling All Artists: How Your Art Can Help Cool the Planet

Despite overwhelming scientific evidence and reports, many people are still unclear about the importance of confronting global climate change. That’s why the National Wildlife Federation has partnered with dozens of … Read more

As Oil Spills Spread, Big Oil Tries To Bully Senators

Unbelievable. Even after Senate Democrats postponed action on clean energy & climate legislation in favor of a much smaller package of BP oil disaster response measures, Big Oil says it’s … Read more

Turning Oil Into Art

WashingtonPost.com has details on a fascinating new project by editorial cartoonist Steve Breen of The San Diego Union-Tribune: The political cartoonist had gazed so long at images of the British … Read more

Help Save our Nation’s Great Waters

On June 30, Senators on the Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee approved a series of restoration bills that will help many of America’s Great Waters, including the Puget Sound, … Read more

Video: Whale vs. Yacht

A photo of southern right whale breaching onto a yacht made headlines around the world last week. While the yacht suffered severe damage, neither of the people on the yacht … Read more