Groups Launch Effort to Hold Senate Oil Backers Accountable

In the latest effort to hold Big Oil and their recalcitrant friends in the Senate accountable for sinking climate legislation this summer, a new group called Oil Change International has launched a web campaign and soon advertising that will hold these members of the Senate accountable.  Thinkprogress-payoff

NWF is not affiliated with Oil Change but has pressed strongly to hold Senators accountable for their voting records.  One recent example was our report on Big Oil All Stars launched during the height of debate over a climate and energy bill. In addition, NWF’s affiliated political action fund is expected to ramp up activities that support candidates with strong conservation platforms as the mid-term elections approach. You can help by visiting the action fund site and showing your support.

The new group says some senators showed an appalling lack of judgement by voting to preserve oil givaways even as 60,000 barrels of oil or more spilled into the Gulf of Mexico a day.  And despite compelling new data and record heat this year, they have done little to address global warming.

Oil Change International offers an explanation for what they call a “complete abrogation of leadership” with the launch of their new campaign:  The website profiles 46 U.S. Senators – Democrat and Republican – who are aligned with the oil industry.  They are portrayed bobbing in a sea of petroleum.  A six- figure advertising campaign and extensive social media push accompanies the campaign.

It is supported by more than a dozen organizations including True Majority,, MoveOn, Public Citizen, and Greenpeace.

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