February, 2011

Gray Jay by Minette Layne

Bird of the Week: Gray Jay

Sneak Attack on Clean Water and Clean Air Acts

Urgent Action! Please Speak up for Wildlife Now! Help stop dangerous legislation that slashes critical funding for agencies that defend our nation’s wildlife. Call your U.S. Representative and tell them … Read more

An Important Film Series: Young Voices on Climate Change

The harsh realities of climate change will be more pronounced over the lifetimes of our young people than in those of older Americans.  But in our society, children seldom get … Read more

Pacific Walruses Deserve Federal Protection, Stuck In Endangered Species Limbo

Extinction doesn’t wait, but the Pacific walrus will have to wait to receive federal protection. In a disappointing turn of events, this animal will not be joining its Arctic neighbor, the polar … Read more

Video: Helping to Save the Great Bear Rainforest

Check out this video: I am explaining to residence of Vancouver, British Columbia, that Enbridge has made promise that they are not going to keep. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxaAal4c2bA[/youtube] Read more about how … Read more

Habitat Fragmentation Creates Hazards for Wildlife, Especially the Slow Ones

Of all the wildlife I saw on my recent trip to Costa Rica (go ahead, be a little jealous), my favorite by far was the sloth. Yes, the capuchin monkeys … Read more

Thousands of Mallard Ducks Killed in South Dakota

There’s been another massive bird die-off, this time in South Dakota. But while the blackbird & fish deaths in Arkansas that captivated the nation turned out to have most likely … Read more

Debate Over Gasland the Movie Hits Mainstream

Every day, we check our emails, blackberry and mail to find an overload of information that we don’t need. I’ll make this easy for you—you NEED to hear this (and … Read more

Who owns Lake Erie?

That is the question now being pondered by the Justices of the Ohio Supreme Court.  Last week, the court held a hearing in the case presenting the question: Merrill v. … Read more

An Introduction to Species Reintroduction

The Department of Interior this week announced plans to reintroduce 10 endangered whooping cranes to a Louisiana conservation area. This project is the latest in an ongoing, intensive effort by … Read more