Adventures Above the Clouds

Looking West towards the Olympics. Photo by: Bryn Fluharty

The fall weather is setting in here in Seattle, with its changing leaves and cool, rainy days. As this happens I find it necessary to escape the clouds when possible and get out into the sun. One fun way to do that is simply to go ABOVE the clouds!

My most recent sun searching adventure brought me to the top of Mailbox Peak. This is an easily accessible hike right off of I-90 in the Central Cascades. When we were leaving Seattle the clouds were a deep and ominous grey hanging low over the city and promising rain. The sun had come out in patches by the time we reached the trail head and started switch-backing our way up the trail.

Photo by: Bryn Fluharty

There is about two miles of climbing through trees before breaking out onto rocky slopes. Down below puffy white clouds spilled between peaks and created a soft blanket over the surrounding landscape. Looking West the Olympics soared out of the clouds and into the blue sky above while the familiar slopes of Mt Rainier beckoned from the South.

Getting high up into the mountains gives you a new view on life, or just on a day. While my friends and family enjoyed a cold and cloudy day I got to lie in the sun and soak in the much needed vitamin D before heading back down the trail and returning to the clouds.

Get a new view on the world and Get Out! For more ideas on how you and your family can get out and enjoy your natural world check out the National Wildlife Federation’s Be Out There page!