July, 2012

African buffalo, Masai Mara Wildlife Refuge

Photo of the Day: Mud Bath

Take a Friday Photo Break The final round of voting for the 2012 People’s Choice Award in our annual National Wildlife Photo Contest is going on right now (through August … Read more

One man’s quest to chronicle a vanishing glacier in Yosemite

Last week the Petermann Glacier in Greenland made the news for calving a monstrous iceberg the size of Manhattan, with scientists attributing climate change as the catalyst for this startling … Read more

Bison Get More Room to Roam on Fort Peck

This March, the National Wildlife Federation, our tribal partners and other wildlife advocates achieved a tremendous conservation victory when 61 wild Yellowstone bison that had spent years in quarantine right … Read more

Grizzly bear

“Alaska Gold” Examines the Battle to Save Bristol Bay

On Tuesday, the PBS program “FRONTLINE” aired a special called Alaska Gold, about the fight to save one of the most spectacular wilderness areas on earth from the massive Pebble … Read more

Common loon and chick

Photo of the Day: Wake Me Up When We Get There

A common loon chick naps on its parent’s back Photo by Flickr member maryanne.pfitz See more of maryanne.pfitz’s photos on Flickr >> Your Photo Could Be Here We want one … Read more

Rafting in Colorado After the Fire

Rafting on a popular Colorado river gives an NWF staff person a first-person view of the fire’s impacts. Read more

White-tailed doe crossing a lake

Photo of the Day: Deer Xing

White-tailed Doe Photo by Flickr member snooker2009 See more of snooker2009’s photos on Flickr >> Your Photo Could Be Here We want one of your nature photos to be the … Read more

Black-bellied whistling duck

Photo of the Day: Black-bellied Whistling Duck

Black-bellied Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna autumnalis) Photo by Flickr member Kenny Salazar See more of Kenny Salazar’s photos on Flickr >> Your Photo Could Be Here We want one of your … Read more

Fallout from Wildfire, Erosion Expected to Plague Colorado River and Fish for Years

It’s summertime in the Rockies, but all is not right in the northern Colorado fishing haven of Poudre Canyon. At first glance, it looks normal. Dozens of life-jacketed people in … Read more

Flocking to Clean Energy: Conservationists Unite Behind Offshore Wind

Hundreds of conservation and public health groups, Atlantic coast elected officials and businesses are joining together to send a loud and clear message to the Obama administration: We’re united behind … Read more