Give Native Trees Today for Wildlife: Giving Tuesday

Update: On Giving Tuesday this year, we asked you to donate to help plant native trees for wildlife, and the response was truly inspiring! Friends of wildlife gave enough to plant almost 4,000 trees. You can still join in and give trees to help wildlife around the country.

Today the National Wildlife Federation celebrates Giving Tuesday – a global day for giving back – with our #Trees4Wildlife campaign to plant 1,000 native trees and benefit wildlife.

Friends of wildlife can help! $50 will plant five native trees. Donate even more and help restore a woodland for wildlife!

Trees are essential habitat for many wildlife species ranging from birds, insects, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Trees provide food, water, cover and places to raise young.

Every Tree for Wildlife will be planted and cared for by school children and community members, nurturing wildlife – and the next generation of conservationists – for years to come.*

Give trees like bur oak for bluebirds.

bluebird on oak
An eastern bluebird on the lookout for caterpillars on a burr oak. Photo by National Wildlife Photo Contest entrant Lisa Culp.

Give trees like black willow for moose.

Bull moose feeding on willow thicket. Photo by Alan Vernon/flickr

Give trees like wild black cherry for swallowtail butterflies.

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
Tiger swallowtail butterfly. Photo by National Wildlife Photo contest entrant Kathy Koets.

Give trees like balsam fir for pine martens.

A curious American pine marten. Photo by National Wildlife Photo contest entrant William Drake.

Give trees like hickory for pileated woodpeckers.

pileated woodpecker
Pileated woodpecker in an oak-hickory forest. Photo by National Wildlife Photo contest entrant Anita Merrigan.
Note: Your contribution assists with the purchase of trees, providing materials for tree planting (tree guards for saplings, shovels, mulch, watering supplies, gloves) and educational resources about caring for trees. A portion of your contribution supports NWF work to protect wildlife that depend on trees as part of their habitat. All trees planted are native to the region in which they are planted. Contributions go towards native tree planting events for youth in schools, parks, and other public places across the country. Species and tree planting locations are based on need and therefore specific information for each donation cannot be individually identified. See a listing here of some completed tree plantings. NWF-Tree-Planting-Event-Summaries1-FY2015