How Do You Protect 2 Million Acres of Wild Lands?

Think about a park, forest, hiking trail, or wild lands you visit to experience and enjoy wildlife. It could be a big place like California’s Kings Canyon National Park, the Appalachian Trail, or the Everglades; or it could be a little place like the neighborhood park down the street. Why hasn’t that special place been paved over or sold off for development? How has the habitat in that special place been restored or protected?

Over the past five decades, a program called the Land and Water Conservation Fund has protected and supported more than 40,000 state and local parks and over two million acres of wild lands that nurture and sustain hundreds of our most treasured species. The special place you visit is most likely one of them—find out by clicking on the state photos below!

Special Places in Every State Helped by the Land and Water Conservation Fund









We cannot imagine what our country would be like if the Land and Water Conservation Fund were not in place over the last five decades. We cannot imagine our country without national parks, national wildlife refuges, protected forests, trails, or local parks in the future. Hiking, camping, fishing, wildlife-watching, or just enjoying nature in our own neighborhoods would become increasingly difficult—and for some of us, impossible.

But the Land and Water Conservation Fund expired in September. Take action to help keep saving the places you share with wildlife.

Please call your senators and urge them to reauthorize and fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund.


Send an email urging your senators to support the permanent reauthorization and full funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

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