Amendment 74: Bad for Wildlife, Bad for Colorado

“Under 74, we will no longer be able to control our own destiny.”

– Mayor Herb Atchinson, Westminster, CO

Amendment 74 is too extreme for Colorado. The state’s current recovery plans for wildlife — ranging from the greater sage-grouse to the burrowing owl to the bonytail chub — could be put at risk. And common-sense safeguards to protect our water, air and outdoor traditions could be weakened or blocked entirely.

By joining with us to oppose Amendment 74, you are standing with Coloradans of all stripes and saying this measure is too risky for our state.

Will you take the pledge to vote NO on Amendment 74 on Election Day?

Colorado’s mule deer, songbirds and trout, not to mention us Coloradans, depend on healthy places to roam, clean air and clean water. If Amendment 74 passes, Colorado’s ability to adopt and enact policies that protect our natural treasures could be lost.

Elk in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. Credit: Vaughn Cottman.

Mayors, teachers, Democrats and Republicans, and over 100 civic organizations including the Colorado Municipal League and the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union have all spoken out to say Amendment 74 is bad for Colorado.  Why? Colorado’s constitution already has protections to protect private property owners. While 74 may sound good on the surface, it is a dangerous measure supported by out of state corporations that will change our state’s constitution forever, only to serve their ability to develop what they want when they want. Amendment 74 would lock in special payoffs for developers and oil and gas companies, and once it’s in the constitution, the unintended consequences are permanent and can’t be undone. That will harm Colorado’s wildlife and our outdoor way of life forever. 

The bottom line is this: Colorado’s constitution is not a playground for special interests.  But do you know what a Colorado playground is?  Our parks and trails, our open spaces and bike paths, our rivers and creeks, our mountains and our prairies.  Vote No on 74 for the wildlife you love, for clean air and water, and the outdoor playground that is the treasure of our state.

What’s good for wildlife is also good for people. Voting no on Amendment 74 is the right choice for continuing wildlife conservation programs and for Coloradans who want to protect our land, air, water and outdoor way of life. 

NWF’s Aaron Kindle fishing with his son. Credit: NWF RMRC.

Before you mail in your ballot or step into your voting booth, make sure to pledge to vote “No” on Amendment 74 and share your commitment with your friends and family via social media and email. With your “No” vote you will help ensure Colorado is known more for its abundant wildlife and outdoor adventures and less for abundant lawsuits and out-of-state special interests: Take the pledge today!