It’s been 7 years since the city of Flint gained national attention for its water crisis.

Since then several cities around the country have identified their own issues with safe, affordable drinking water.

The National Wildlife Federation has been committed to Flint and other cities around our nation facing drinking water infrastructure issues.

With Flint at the forefront of what is undoubtedly an American infrastructure crisis and public health crisis, we want to know, what’s going on in Flint?

Pipe Replacement

corroded pipes
Would you drink water from this pipe? The people of Flint were being told that water was so corrosive it prompted General Motors to stop using it on automobile parts at their engine plant, which was safe to drink. Credit: US EPA Region 5.

The city of Flint began replacing lead-tainted and galvanized steel pipes in 2017, as of June 18, 2021, 10,041 service lines have been replaced. The City of Flint Service Line Replacement project is nearing completion.

Is the Water Safe to drink?

water tower
Water tower of Flint Michigan through a chain-linked fence. Credit: Getty Images.

While the water is testing better, residents are still hesitant to drink from the tap. The damage to in-home plumbing and fixtures has not been addressed, residents fear that the water coming out of the faucet will still contain lead.

What is next for Flint?

In August the Attorney General announced the settlement to dozens of civil lawsuits. The proposed $641.2 million fund includes $600 million from the state of Michigan, $20 million from the city of Flint’s insurers, $20 million from McLaren Flint Hospital, and $1.2 million from Rowe Professional Services.

Anyone exposed to Flint’s contaminated water from April 25, 2014, to Nov. 16, 2020, is eligible for a share of the funds, but the highest payment amounts will go toward young children who drank lead-tainted water.

A federal judge will use comments and testimony from Flint residents and business owners to decide whether the settlement can move forward and begin paying out claims from residents affected by the Flint water crisis. The Judge has not set the date for her final ruling.