Climate change is real. There, I said it, we’ve gotten that out of the way.

We have a lot of tricky and uncomfortable conversations about climate change and how it affects our daily lives. I get it, it’s scary to think that the earth that we know, that we are raising families on and building lives on will no longer exist. What’s even scarier is the thought that we may be the cause of it.

How we choose to live our lives can make all the difference in us leaving a beautiful planet for our grandchildren and their children or leaving one of those post-apocalyptic desert filled societies we see in movies…ok, ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but seriously, we should look at better ways to light our homes, businesses and places of entertainment.


Mayor Frank Scott, Jr., Mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas and 1st Vice President of the African American Mayors Association has a plan to move to more renewable energy, to reduce dirty air emissions, and making energy efficiency upgrades at city-owned facilities, “We have a long way to go, but we must do our part to preserve the environment for our future,” he said.

By reducing our use of non-renewable energy we lower the rate of asthma, allergies, and even cancer, protect our drinking water and protect the health of fish and other wildlife.


Solar energy comes from the sun, we have an unlimited supply of it! It is our cleanest and most abundant source of renewable energy.


In addition to addressing climate change, making a healthier planet and people, it also saves money! Check out this blog from the National Wildlife Federation to find out a few more reasons as to why we should all reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy